Look your best and feel great about your body

Windsor’s Lift Body Center is the nation’s premier institute for minimally invasive body contouring

Latest and safest body contouring and rejuvenation procedures that can help you look your best.

Highly trained medical professionals who have devoted their career to aesthetic medicine.

State-of-the-art facilities that allows us to choose the technique or combination of technology that better suits your case.

Individual approach to your body

Each patient’s body and desired results are unique. Every patient deserves a customized approach, which is what we provide. We do not partake in the “one size fits all” mentality.

We believe that it is only through extremely skilled and knowledgeable physicians, and the use of exceptional technologies, that we are able to tailor each body-contouring and liposuction solution to every patient.

Safety first

Our emphasis is on safety, confidentiality, and beautiful and natural appearing results. Our clients safety always come first.

We use minimally invasive technology, which makes the recovery time quicker and easier than traditional routes. Our aim is always to provide the safest, most effective procedure with the least amount of down time.