Breast Lifts

Most women do not like the idea that that they have saggy breasts, however it’s often an unavoidable thing since it is caused by several factors. Some of the factors that cause sagginess in breasts include gravity, aging, breast feeding, loss of skin elasticity and weight loss.

A Breast Lift, also called Mastopexy, is the best way to get rid of droopy breasts. Our talented surgeons can create changing results* and helped women achieve firmer, tighter and perky breast shapes. At Windsor’s Lift Body Center, we use the latest technology, the right professionalism and skills to assure our patients a successful Breast Lift.




Most of our patients feel much more confident once their breasts are the shape and size they desire. Our patients share with us that they are now much more comfortable in bathing suits and other clothing, and that their self-esteem has improved. Our patients often tell us they now love looking at themselves in the mirror and love trying on clothes in the fitting rooms, when in the past it was a source of frustration.

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* Published pictures, videos and text of this procedure do not guarantee or predict the results that any particular individual will receive. Your individual plastic surgery results and experience will vary – please, read the disclaimer.