Breast Reduction

Reduction Mammoplasty, also called a Breast Reduction is a procedure aimed at reducing the sizes of breasts. At Windsor’s Lift Body Center, we offer real time solutions by conducting safe and effective procedures that aim at reducing the size and reshaping the women’s breast size.

We have a highly trained team of surgeons to deal with all those factors that lead to over-sized breasts. Whether it is excess fat, glandular tissue or excess skin contributing to the abnormal size, different methods such as liposuction alongside other advanced procedures are used to reduce the breast’s size.



For some women, oversized breasts may cause insecurity in appearance and many women find it difficult to find clothing that fits correctly. For other women, oversized breasts may cause deep bra strap marks in the shoulders as well as back pain issues. Whatever the reason is for concern, Windsor’s Lift Body Center can help you achieve a more proportionate silhouette along with shapely, more firm, lifted, and contoured breasts.

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