Liposuction being one of the most sought types of surgery in the world has led to new inventions of advanced machines to enhance fat removal processes from different parts of the body. One of the best machines currently is WaterLipo® which is used for water liposuction . It uses water injection technique to remove fats from the target area smoothly with ease as compared to application of traditional methods of liposuction that are associated with crushing and sucking of fats.

Unlike other methods, aqualipo does not need the injection of general anesthesia or even sedation for the surgery to take place. This makes it to be in a class of its own when it comes to performance of liposuctions. The doctors are ones of the best experts in aqua liposuction and has achieved a lot in his career together with liposuction institute of lift laser and body. The following is an outline of why everybody should visit Liftbody center for water liposuction.



Guaranteed Quick Healing Process

Every patient wishes to recover very fast from any type of illness. This is what the doctors aims at in all his aqua liposuction procedures. One of the key things that the whole surgical procedure avoids is using general anesthesia. This is because the aforementioned usually leads to prolonged recovery. Secondly, our clinic only uses a water jet for extraction of fats which ensures that no other tissues or blood vessels around the target area are damaged by the process which in the long term facilitates a quicker recovery.

Another reason why you should undergo water liposuction at liposuction institute of lift laser and body is that the doctors have the expertise, skills and experience to ensure that the whole surgical process uses very little force on fats and the immediate tissues which almost eliminates stress that might otherwise lead to delayed recovery.


At our clinic, we have the professionalism to effectively dislodge stubborn fats that have been resistant by using other methods using aqua liposuction. We know how to flush these fats in a very gentle and smooth way. If exercises and dietary changes do not work, water liposuction is the ultimate answer. Also, we do take a lot of caution in all our processes on our way to giving all our clients their desired results*.

Quality  Results*

Dr. Jofferey’s mission is to give every client with extra fats that slim and toned body everyone yearns for. This is why he uses very little tumescent fluid so as to see the results* in real time as compared to traditional liposuction where guesswork is the order of the day. Many clients who have had aqua liposuction at our clinic have acquired the shape, appearance and skin toning which have remained permanent ever since. Therefore, if you want to be part of this testimony, then it’s time to visit our clinic and you will never have unwanted fats again.

Tightened Skin

Many traditional liposuction methods do leave patients with loose skin after the fat removal in the target areas such as the stomach, the upper arms etc. However, the doctors have a way of ensuring no sagging skin occurs after the whole surgical process by using laser liposuction to ensure that the skin remains tight, toned and naturally good looking.

Liftbody center has been providing water liposuction services for long time using highly advanced tools. We have had success in all our liposuction methods. Come and experience what you have been missing a professional and quality water liposuction procedure at Windsor’s Lift Body Center.

* Published pictures, videos and text of this procedure do not guarantee or predict the results that any particular individual will receive. Your individual plastic surgery results and experience will vary – please, read the disclaimer.